To create a robust web application for your business, you need to work with cutting-edge technologies that provide strong libraries, database system, front-end frameworks and servers. There comes the advantage of full stack JavaScript frameworks for the rapid development of web applications. MEAN stack is a set of frameworks written in JavaScript that includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. All the features from these frameworks are joined together to make a single language that is used to create robust web applications.

So here is why you should choose MEAN stack for your web application development

Simple, Fast and easily scalable

MEAN Stack makes it easy to switch between the client and server. What makes it simple and fast is that the developer can write code in JavaScript for both client side and server side. As JavaScript is the common denominator for all the four languages the significant features can be covered across any code. An additional number of libraries, frameworks and reusable modules available within the stack makes the development much faster. MEAN Stack support MVC (model view controller) architecture and is scalable due to its non-blocking architecture which helps to create a solid foundation for software products.

Increase Developer Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Hiring full stack MEAN developer for your next project can make use of all JavaScript frameworks for the entire development process rather than hiring separate programmers to work on various technologies. Since all your team members speak the same language (JavaScript), it is easy to understand and switch tasks which help to manage the project easily. This increase developer productivity and can reduce development cost.

Free and Open-Source:

MEAN stack is an open source platform and is available free for building dynamic web applications. With the help of various communities and constant support from industry leaders like AWS, Azure that supports Node.JS and AngularJS which is maintained under Google.

MEAN Stack can be used in different types of apps:

MEAN Stack is used for building all kind of web applications, from a dynamic single page application to a complex business /enterprise applications. MEAN Stack has gained wide adoption as the latest trending technologies and are widely used in for developing real-time chat, social network applications, multimedia streaming apps.

According to the latest trends, MEAN Stack web development is up to the mark in web application development by making use of the advantage of latest single page applications, as it doesn’t require to refresh a website page for each server simply like most customary web applications do. Building multiple frameworks to link single page Web Applications making utilization of programming language alongside full-stack solution demands MEAN Stack.

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