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Google is trying to develop a new app called Triangle to control data usage. The concept is not new as there are apps available in the playstore with this features. This is not the first attempt of Google offering data control for mobile consumers. The company has introduced built in data saver controls on select devices, like the data save feature in its Pixel phone.

But this app offers more fine grained control over your applications. The app makes easy to manage your data. As there is lots of apps running at the background, there is a loss of mobile data so the users are not getting any benefit from the particular data plan.


It helps you better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data. The app is currently on testingstage and now it’s available only for Philippines and it would be available for more countries in the future.



The main feature is control data usage, Triangle provides quick and easy way to check your data balance and find out which apps use more data. The users can also customize their apps by Triangles ‘data saver’. It lets you control mobile data usage. You can also grant apps access to mobile data for 10 minutes or 30 minutes. The app pop up with option like block or allow with predefined time.




Currently, the app is offering additional features to prepaid users of Globe and Smart, the two major network providers in the Philippines. It will also let these users check their data balance from their provider and even earn back data using the app.


There are rewards to be earned by installing promoted apps, but that’s only available to a couple of carriers in the Philippines.


There are apps available in the playstore to manage the data usage and to check which app consumed more data. It has features to alert you before you hit your data limit, to visualize your data usage with beautiful charts and graphs, to monitor both mobile and wifi data usage.

These are the features of available apps in the playstore.  We can expect additional features in Google Triangle app. Google did not make an announcement about Triangles launch and future plans. As mentioned, the app is now in its testing stage. We can expect that it will arrive soon to wider audience.



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