top development company

At  Ti Technologies,  we aim to build digital products that automate our client’s businesses. We dedicate our time fully to our clients, listening to every need and executing high-quality solutions. We work with clients from all over the globe, adapting and working with each client to craft designs rich with personality and detail. Recently, our hard work has paid off! We were just featured as one of the top ecommerce development companies in India by Clutch, a ratings and review company based out of Washington, D.C.

Clutch’s research covers mobile app development companies and web development companies like us around the world. Their work examines thousands of companies based on their market presence, their previous work experience, and their proven ability to deliver excellence to their clients. Perhaps most importantly, the Clutch team speaks directly with current and past clients to conduct reviews to hear first-hand how each firm performs.

So far, we have received all positive reviews on Clutch. We are happy that our clients continue to appreciate our work and agree to review us on Clutch. Below are some excerpts from our most recent reviews:

“They’ve been excellent. Both our assigned project manager and the developer, who directly builds or fixes things, are on hand on Skype or email. They’re easy to reach if there’s any kind of emergency. For the large-scale project, they’ve got a good project management system, which we use to track bugs or implement features. I’ve built a relationship with them, and they know the system as well, which makes things easier.” – Managing Director, Women’s Clothing Site

“They were very detailed in their scoping, scheduling and planning- always responsive and very patient. They were very welcoming and provided a great PM experience. They are so willing and hardworking. They were brilliant.” – Founder, Career Consulting Firm

We are proud to be featured among several top development companies in India, and we look forward to improving our rank and being included again next year!