The Android programming language, Kotlin has gained a ton of recognition over a short amount of time. Today, Kotlin is being utilized in a dominant part of divisions which additionally includes its application in mobile app development and server-side systems. Kotlin is fundamentally a statically typed JVM language that was created by JetBrains.

These days the link between a Java developer and Kotlin is significant in order to convey digital products that are proficient and innovative. This programming language is built upon another language, Java that further gives it numerous features like:

● Data classes
● Null safety
● Functional Concepts
● Operator overloading

Aside from the above-mentioned features, there are more things you need to know that can lead to a better Android app development process.

Following is a list of some of the best things that every Java developer should know about Kotlin:

1. Kotlin is Open-Source
○ At JetBrains, the developers were tired of Java’s verbosity-they needed an increasingly concise language which was good with Java. When they began working on Kotlin, they selected to open-source it. As of now, Kotlin doesn’t benefit from developers who utilize the language yet it expects to make money from its Kotlin supporting core products. Kotlin has profited hugely from the feedback from the big Java community and from being open sourced.

2. Google’s Support Gave Life To Kotlin
○ Google in its I/O annual summit 2017 declared Kotlin to be authoritatively supported language for Android. Google gave Kotlin a new life. In spite of the fact that before Google’s official announcement it was possible to create Android Apps with Kotlin there was a risk. If Google made changes to Android, applications written in unsupported Kotlin language could encounter part of bugs and there was an opportunity of a lifetime the apps would not work the manner in which developers intended. It would have been futile to work on Kotlin if Google announced help for its language Go or for Apple’s Swift. With Google’s declaration all of the fears were laid to rest and developers are presently not afraid to create applications on Kotlin.

3. 100% Interoperability With Java
○ Kotlin and Java are two fundamentally the same languages. Kotlin has 100% interoperability with Java. You can get the codes from both Kotlin and Java in a similar task and they will compile flawlessly. Post compilation it would be troublesome for you to tell the parts created in Kotlin and the parts developed in Java independently.
○ If you are working on a Java project from so long, you can begin working with Kotlin without starting once more. When you work with Kotlin you get the advantage of vast Java libraries, Java commands, and Java frameworks which you can easily utilize in your Kotlin project.

4. Kotlin- An Object-Oriented and A Functional Language
○ Kotlin has this edge over different languages. Its language has both functional and object-oriented constructs. It would thus be able to be utilized in both Object Oriented and Functional Programming styles. You can additionally mix different elements from the two styles. If you are exploring functional programming, Kotlin has extraordinary features like function types, higher-order functions, and lambdas.

5. Null Safety In Kotlin
○ Null safety in Kotlin is extraordinary. The development of Kotlin is pointed at decreasing the danger of null references from code. You can effectively get rid of NullPointerExceptions. The Kotlin system won’t compile code that tries to assign or return invalid. The Kotlin type system can recognize between non-null references and nullable references.

6. Extension Functions
○ You can create functions in Kotlin with extensions and operators. As in C# and Gosu, Kotlin enables you to extend a class with new functionality without acquiring the class or without utilizing any type of design pattern like Decorator. Extension functions are the functions that assist us to extend the functionalities of classes without contacting the code.

7. Kotlin Setup
○ Kotlin is supported both by IntelliJ and Android Studio. You need to install Kotlin plugin. Actually, Kotlin plugin is packaged with Android Studio beginning from version 3.0.
○ Kotlin is accessible for free. You don’t need to pay anything when you build up a project on it. New android developers ought to unquestionably take up the language and explore different features with it.

Wrap up
With Kotlin, programmers would now be able to compose safer and more stable and dependable codes. Organizations like Square, Pinterest, and Basecamp have been utilizing Kotlin. An ever-increasing number of organizations are now gradually moving towards Kotlin development. kotlin is available at present in version 1.1.4-3 which was published on August 30, 2017.

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Aneesh is one of the senior Android developer at ti Technologies. He has a passion for coding and provides the solution with high-quality code for all our mobile app development projects.