If you want to improve the quality of software development, you should think about test automation. It can bring many benefits to your software and help you build a better product. But what are the particular advantages of utilizing it in your web projects? Let’s discover!

What are the real benefits of it?

Automated testing means utilizing an automation tool to control the execution of tests. But which test cases ought to be automated? First of all, you have to automate the important business test cases, the ones executed over and over, test cases that are difficult to perform manually, and those that are tedious.

  • Regression testing
    • What is regression testing? It’s a sort of software testing that verifies whether the recently developed and tested software still plays out a similar way after undergoing a few changes. A typical issue experienced during software development is the fact that tested functionality abruptly stopped working in the production environment. Anyway, what’s the answer to this problem? Automated testing – it’s quick, precise, and answers what turned out badly. The real value of automated testing lies not in the testing something out of the blue yet but in a modest and efficient regression testing.
  • Supporting Scrum
    • Imagine how cool it would be if automated testing could give you a Holy Grail of web development – the joy of customers? But let’s think about it – when are they happy? Well, when everything is going appropriately and they know what’s going on in the project. Thanks to BDD methodology utilized with automated testing you can make a system’s specification with examples and situations that help to define requirements for the project and are comprehended by developers, managers, testers, and customers.
  • Return On Investment
    • As we probably are aware, manual testing can take a lot of time and resources. The coverage of sensitive test cases with automated tests without a doubt ends up with a return on investment. Such tests are utilized commonly in the project, yet their elements can likewise be utilized in different projects, about what we’ll talk further in this article. Obviously, return on investment does not come up promptly since it requires long-term planning, however, remember that automated testing in big projects is essential.
  • Running tests 24/7
    • Manual tests have their limitations – they can be performed just eight hours a day, five days a week, which results in just 40 hours per week devoted to this important task. Following 8 hours of work individuals go home, so the tests are put on hold.
    • Automated testing, however, has the upside of running whenever of day or night. With them, you can have the test report when you return to the office in the morning.
  • Early bug detection
    • The rule is that the sooner you discover a bug, the less expensive, faster, and less demanding it will be to fix it. That’s a hypothesis, however, in real life, it happens that even the best manual tests ignore errors that will come up in the production. Automated testing enhances the confidence that basic mistakes have been resolved early in the project and won’t achieve the next phase of the project.
  • Increasing the test coverage
    • The objective of introducing automatic testing as an expansion to manual testing is to maximize test coverage. This, in any case, won’t occur without the contribution of testers, both manual and automatic. Remember that there’s no real way to avoid a human error, so it’s fairly difficult to have two identical manual tests when individuals are working on the same thing for the fifth or seventh time. Frequent repetitions of similar test scenarios are not only laborious but also take a long time. Additionally, tests can be performed in an assortment of environments, web browsers and operating systems. Automated testing, on the other hand, can last a couple of moments and will cover the couple hours of manual testers’ work. Not to overlook that the automated test itself is dependably the same and works similarly.
    • Volume: You can run your tests on in excess of 500 devices in automation testing which is unimaginable in manual testing.

If you truly care about the quality of your project, at that point automated testing is certainly worth thinking about. It can both discover the problems humans can’t and effectively detect the differences in behavior. It can enable you to check if multiple operations in your application do everything up to your specifications. Reach out to us via email or call for more information.



Jithesh is working as one of the project managers with ti Technologies. He is leading the eCommerce and web application team, He is having 12+ years of experience in software development and has successfully managed projects in different verticals.