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ti Technologies is focused on people and creating products that our clients and their consumers will love. We offer a variety of services and work on projects for both local and international companies. We have developed some really great web applications and ecommerce sites for businesses in London and Ireland. Our clients liked our services so much that they shared their positive feedback with the online ratings and reviews site, Clutch.

Clutch is a B2B platform that connects IT service providers with potential client companies. They do this by showing third-party verified work the providers have done through client reviews. These reviews are the most important part of being featured on Clutch, and hold equal importance to us at Ti Technologies.

We are excited to share some of the comments from our client reviews that helped us get to a 4.8, out of 5, star rating.

Our first client reference review highlights the web application we built for a start-up company. The product has a suite of tools; a Digital Portfolio, CV Builder and Personal Statement Helper. This client said:

“They were brilliant. I think people are nervous about outsourcing and have an image in their minds of what outsourcing to India looks like. These guys are extremely professional.”

“They were very detailed in their scoping, scheduling and planning- always responsive and very patient.”

The same sentiments were expressed by another one of our clients who runs an eCommerce women’s clothing site that we provided the frontend and backend development for. They noted:

“They’ve been excellent. Both our assigned project manager and the developer, who directly builds or fixes things, are on hand on Skype or email. They’re easy to reach if there’s any kind of emergency. “

“Everything has been smooth sailing…. I definitely recommend them.”

We would like to thank our clients for their candid responses and helping us to be featured on Clutch with such a great standing! We are looking forward to future projects and the continued strong relationships we hold with our past clients as well.