A personalized voyage to your Online Shop

Most of the eCommerce sites are built and customized exclusively for targeted searches. It’s time to shift from traditional eCommerce sites to inspiring and emotionally charged shopping experiences. Shopware comes with a unique feature that brings user engagement of your online store to a personal level, where your customers could develop a distinctive connection with your brand. It brings the physical store kind shopping experience to online shopping scenarios. This will help to have personalized feedback from your customers and the product can be tailored based on their emotions.

Shopware comes with unique features that positively impact the shopping experience for your customers and facilitate daily work of your online shop. Shopware transforms online shopping to an experience to remember.

Here are the main features that come with shopware:

Responsive Images: Upload the images only once, it will automatically comply with the different devices

Device allocation: You can customize and make your store specific to devices on which particular element should be displayed.

Foolproof usability: It is designed in a way that creating impressive shops are far not difficult. It doesn’t require programming experience.

Elements Library: You can position your products easily like the way you want with images, video, banners, blog teasers in your shopping store.

Drag & drop precision: Resize, define, combine and move every element to the shopping grid with the ease of drag and drop.

Design grids: Shopping elements are positioned using a grid system in the backend. The layout of each grid can be customized for each Store.

Administration: Shopware is enjoyable and usable not only for customers but also the merchants who use this platform regularly. Since shopware backend is compatible with all browser and operating system on the go, the users don’t need to adjust their systems. Shopware administration is designed in a way that you always have an organized and clear overview of the information about your business, which will save time and money.

Shopware Connect Community

Shopware connect is the online community where you can easily connect with dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers. You can create an account easily and be connected with people in the community to establish a new business relationship. You can send inquiries to your connections and enter into partnerships with mutual interests. Connect will help users to expand their range of products sensibly by choosing the right suitable product and test without taking the risk of storage costs.

Shopware is a platform that serves needs and supports the growth of your business. With emotional shopping, optimal usability and innovative features shopware can bring users a unique experience of shopping in a real physical store to online shops which makes it the most impressive eCommerce Platform on the market.

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Jerin is the Senior Business Development Executive at ti Technologies having 6+ years of experience in sales and business development. He takes care of potential client relationships and strategic partnerships. He also handles digital marketing activities that drive more users to ti Technologies website.