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Big Data and Ai in E-commerce

Shopping experience online is becoming more and more easy with personalized options and recent trends as adopted by market leaders like Amazon. This helps for small and medium scale business to gain more customers and for rapid growth in conversions with search engine visibility. E-commerce allows customers from the different locations across the globe to order the products, and it can be challenging for eCommerce to sell the right item to the right customer.

So how can we do this? It’s all done by personalisation. Bingo!!! Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role for personalizing the eCommerce platform.

How Big Data is Impacting the eCommerce Industry

The data availability can be utilized for measuring past trends and performances growth because this data helps in gaining customer satisfaction with better products and services. Big Data Analytics always help eCommerce owners to translate to growth in revenues.

Customer Shopping Experience: Big data helps in observing the clicks, browsing and purchasing history of the customers which consequently makes an e-commerce owners to become capable enough to retarget the audience by recommending the items of same interest.

Offers and Recommendations Personalisation: Here owners make huge investments to attract the new customers to their website by different offers and coupons and maximize their ROI.

Better Customer Service: Poor quality service can destroy the brand reputation of the company and shopping experience of the customer, big data plays an important role by offering a variety of services and then by collecting the customer feedback.

Real Time Analytics: Big data gives the real time analytics to gain insight of the customer base. Information on customers’ demographics and their navigation way to the website, give us a lot of awareness and enable us to make profits by personalizing customers’ experience.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the E-commerce Industry

Creating more personalized customer experience is Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce. AI can analyze your huge data more accurately and efficiently than a human being and that’s why big firms like Facebook, Yahoo and IBM have publicly said that they are focusing on developing AI as a new source of business.

Efficient Visual Search: This enables the customers to search through uploading an image and this search helps them to find the exact product they are looking for. This AI platform is making easier to find similar items on the eCommerce store.

Personalisation with AI Technologies: Most of the E-commerce owners use collaborative filters to have most viewed history, trends, best seller and many other parameters. These parameters help in showing the right product to the customer of the same interest and undoubtedly this results in customer satisfaction and benefits to the owners.

Customer Oriented: In the current digital era, the audience is open to AI. It has been noted that most of the audience believe that as the technology develops, brands will accurately be able to predict the items and services what they want.

“Big Data assists shoppers to view and purchase the items they are interested in and it is profitable for the e-commerce owners by providing real time experience. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is of great importance as well, to provide the customers more personal experience and a great personal shopper. “

At ti Technologies we work with our customers to bring in the best in AI and Big Data thus revolutionizing shopping experiences for end customers and thereby bringing in stickiness.

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