The RealURL Configuration means to rewrite our URL to readable form

Normaly the URL looks like

Id means the page id and L means the language. Using RealUrl we can change the URL into readable form like

Here “en” means languange English and “home” means homepage

Back End process/changes

1. Installation

Install the extension “RealUrl” from the TYPO3 extension repository

2. Configuration

We should create a configuration file for rewriting the URL to take effect.

Select “Extension manager” from left panel, search for “RealURL” and click on the name on it.

Screenshot from 2015-02-12 12:35:46



The name of our configuration file is “realurl_conf.php” and is stored in “typo3conf/realurl_conf.php”

The file “realurl_conf.php” looks like



Now we need to edit our template to work with our RealUrl. For that we should add this code to our main template file.


Real URL for multiple domans

Suppose one website have multiple domains and it also can be managed using realUrl

In that case the above code changes to


And in template for each root folder we should add this code .

For site1


For site2

Now our webite URL will be in readable form.

Example: : It shows the home page is loaded It shows the home page is loaded in language English