Magento development services

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms over the last decade. In 2017 about 32% of the top 100,000 websites ran on Magento. In fact, most of the companies worldwide now benefit from the Magento eCommerce platform.

Since its commencement, Magento has been available in two editions:

• Open Source Edition is a free version of the platform that offers access to a huge web of feature extensions.

• Enterprise Edition allows large businesses to explore its full functionality, and scalable to practically any size of the deployment.

When dealing with an e-commerce platform we have to consider and evaluate if it is the right fit for your business through different aspects.

• Do you want to benefit from your web store?

• Want a user-friendly user interface?

• Want complex features to handle more advance transactions?

• Unique business requirement?

• Your budget to invest?

All customers look forward to user-friendly, easy to browse e-commerce sites where they feel free to shop. With all these factors in hand, Magento EE provides the best solution as it’s designed for large retailers and businesses.
Magento2.2 very well goes with B2B e-commerce platform which makes a perfect match. The Magento 2.2 e-commerce development platform complements perfectly the needs of modern-day B2B buyers who expect the same level of user experience and convenience in B2B buying as they would expect from online shopping.

Magento2.2 comes with functionalities and features that benefit business and enable users to manage their shop easily with their user-friendly interfaces and easily manageable admin interfaces.

Magento 2.2 offers a major built-in functionality in B2B Marketplace such as

1. Corporate customers can manage their account independently, which benefits the companies reduce costs and to manage all the quotes.

2. Both customers and merchant can monitor their quotes, which improve the customer-Buyer relations.

3. Different payment options which allow merchants to choose different credit limits for their companies.

4. Can easily create company catalogs and specific product pricing.

5. Customers can now easy reorder frequently purchased products.

6. With quick order extension, can add multiple products to their cart and search for other products.

7. Improved performance with better optimization of cart, cache, and indexer. Also, provide a performance toolkit, so merchants can visualize profiles and provide scratch offers.

8. Provides Fraud detection and prevention service which results in 100%chargeback protection.

9. Social Extensions which is new functional and time-saving feature once integrated. Here if we click a product on facebook it will automatically redirect to a corresponding product page on the website.

10. Magento shipping collaborates with Temando which provides speed, scalability, reliability, and connectivity with WMS, OMS and ERP systems. Built on the latest AWS and micro service technology, Magento shipping provides seamless shipping experience for customers. Provides an option for priority shipping with customer needs.


Even though there are many other eCommerce platforms available, Magento is considered as one of the leading eCommerce development platforms. Magento 2, with the latest features and functionalities, is an online shop powerhouse. Despite the eCommerce platform market flooded with numerous solutions with different capacities and for various purposes, Magento stands out! With the help of specialized Magento eCommerce development services provider, a business can create an online business to match the ever-increasing expectations of new generation shopper. Talk to our Magento development experts to know more.