What is Magento 2 Favicon?
The Favicon is a small icon which is shown at page’s title on a browser tab or in the address bar next to URL. It represents your brand, so don’t forget to update this.


How to change Favicon?
Step 1: Create a Favicon
Step 2: Upload the Favicon to your store
Step 3: Refresh the Cache
Step 4: Goto frontend and check


Step 1: Create a Favicon
Create one if you don’t have with the help of a image editor tool or create one through online tools by uploading your company logo/image. Favicon are generally 16×16 or 32×32 pixels in size. The Magento accepts file types: ico, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, apng, svg but not all browsers support all these formats. So, make sure that your Favicon image in one of above format, better in .ico format, before uploading to the server.

Step 2: Upload Favicon
Login to your Magento Admin Panel and choose your store-view then upload Favicon that already created.

  • admin-> Content-> Configurations-> [choose global or store view by clicking EDIT link]-> HTML Head-> Favicon [upload your Favicon]

When complete, click on ‘Save Config’. If you want to delete current Favicon, click on ‘Delete Icon’ upon the image.


Step 3: Refresh the Cache
When prompted to refresh the cache, click the “Cache Management” link in the message popup. Then you will redirect to cache management page.
You can also refresh cache from below location:

  • admin-> System-> cache Management

From where select all check-boxes then refresh by clicking on ‘Submit’ button.


Step 4: Goto frontend and check
Go to store frontend and press Ctrl+F5 to refresh browser to view the new Favicon.


I hope that this post will help you to save time and effort. Now you know how to change the Favicon in Magento 2 without changing any script. All you need is to create a Favicon and upload via backend, very easy right?

You can find Magento 2 pre-launch check list here

Thank you for reading this post!!!