Mobile Application sector has been growing in recent years and so has the demand for them. Every company that wants to sell, assist, provide mobile app development service is into making their apps accessible to the customers. Aside from brainstorming how the app will function and what resources will be required, it is imperative to make sense of which technology will serve your necessities the best. There are numerous mobile app technologies that are widely utilized for a particular platform or for cross-platform app development.

The guide below will help you to pick the right mobile app development coding language. By the end of this guide, you will have one thing absolutely clear in your mind – what technologies you will use.

1. Swift:

If there is one programming language that can possibly reshape the future, it is Swift. If you are building something particular for Apple products, Swift is the language to look for. It has advanced features with minimal coding that can be effectively kept up. According to TNW, Swift is the fastest growing language.

For now, Swift is accessible for iOS app development yet since it works on Linux and is open source, which implies it tends to be utilized by anybody.

Key features:

  • Extremely simple to learn particularly if you know Objective-C.
  • It is a simplified version of Objective-C.
  • Easy-to-code.
  • It is open source.
  • Maintenance is super-simple.
  • It is the future of iOS development.
  • It needs less coding when compared to other languages.

2. C++:

C++ is a general purpose object-oriented programming language with low-level memory control feature. C++ acquires its syntax from C and it is an expansion of the C. If you know how to utilize C, C++ won’t be a major deal. It’s not just about developing mobile applications rather it is a powerful language that is utilized in all the segments running from finance to manufacturing to banking and a few others. It shapes the simplistic base for most programming languages and has the ability to make dynamic apps.

Some of the key uses of C++ include:

  • New programming language development
  • Illustrations and designs
  • Development of operating systems
  • Game development
  • Application development
  • Internet Web browsers
  • Development of compilers for programming languages
  • Mathematical, Medical, and engineering applications
  • Enterprise tools
  • Computation platforms

Key features

  • It is simple and proficient
  • Object-oriented
  • Massive library
  • Versatile
  • Amazingly fast

3. Java:

Java is the most utilized app development language. As indicated by VersionEye, which tracks the open source software libraries, developers finish most projects in Java followed by Ruby.

This object-oriented programming language is the official language for Android app development. This language is anything but difficult to deal with and many open source libraries are made accessible for users to browse from.


  • Java is used in the development of:
  • Android applications
  • Web apps
  • Server apps
  • Embedded space
  • Big data technology
  • Scientific apps
  • Websites
  • Games

Key features:

  • Object-oriented language.
  • It runs on all the platforms.
  • It is anything but difficult-to-learn and read.
  • Hundreds of open source libraries accessible.
  • Simple to get expert assistance from Android communities.
  • Powerful IDEs make coding simple and error-free.

4. PHP:

PHP was composed by Zend Technologies in 1995. It was developed for sites, but it’s utilized for general purpose development today. PHP basically is a coding language utilized for creating dynamic sites, yet you can make iOS and Android apps in PHP, according to Zend.

PHP is object-oriented and utilizes a three-layered model to help make dynamic mobile applications and web applications. It works extraordinarily for apps that require database integration


  • Not simply applications, you can utilize PHP for a whole lot of development including:
  • Develop GUI
  • E-commerce websites
  • Code project management tools
  • Image processing
  • Mobile application development
  • Content management systems, for example, WordPress and Drupal
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Creating PDFs

Key features:

  • Independent of platform
  • Open-source
  • Simple-to-learn
  • Server compatibility
  • Simple database integration

A host of tools is accessible as a piece of cutting-edge mobile app technologies for those who are hoping to get a less demanding solution over getting started from the roots. These developer tools are ideal for building an application effortlessly from the earliest stage and even offer multi-platform capacities for contacting larger audiences. The top tools that can enable you to begin are –

  1. PhoneGap
  • This Adobe’s tool is available for different platforms, for example, Windows, Android, and iOS. It accompanies a framework that wraps HTML5 applications in native containers for applications that require web applications for mobile platforms.
  1. Appcelerator
  • This stunning platform permits the development of native apps for desktops and mobiles, tablets, utilizing PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. On the off chance that you are looking at building up a hardware-based app, this development technology is the best approach.
  1. RhoMobile
  • Get a great open-source framework that depends on Ruby utilizing this platform. It enables users to create native applications for different platforms easily. The great and functional framework is ideal for building apps for most major smartphones with the need to code just once.
  1. WidgetPad
  • It is outstanding amongst the best places to visit for open-source environment developments for mobile apps. This specific platform offers a collaborative approach and utilizes web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript.

When it comes to mobile app technologies, there are large numbers of alternatives to choose from. A better way to approach is to have a ground plan and look for the assistance of a mobile app development company like our own that offers complete mobile application development service according to your requirement.

Ajay has been working with Android development since 2014 and currently leads the Android Engineering at ti Technologies. He has the passion for coding and provides the solution with high-quality code for all our mobile app development projects. He does research on new technologies and contributes to open source projects and testing.