Last Minute tips to make your Magento Store Secure for this Holiday Season. Expect the unexpected!

Festival Season is here! Online retailers are eyeing for one of the most profitable times of the year. It is obvious that during Christmas and New Year period retailers have special seasonal offers that attract people. Online retailers expect greater spending during this Christmas season compared to 2015. According to different sources, online sale on thanksgiving and black Friday is continuing to grow and hit $ 3 billion which is more than 25% compared to 2015.

eCommerce retailers already have a vision of dollars floating in their heads and much of their focus is on marketing and promotional activities. However, they focus on increasing sales, not on critical security measures they need to have in place to keep their customer information safe and make them satisfied with the online shopping experience. The risks of security breaches are high and will be crippling for your eCommerce site, if haven’t taken adequate measures to protect it. Understanding the threat and taking proactive measures is key for online business revenue and reputation.

Even though the majority of the eCommerce development platforms comes with in-built security features and have become vulnerable to attacks. There are vital areas in your website were intruders try to hack that requires immediate attention. We have seen many store owners rushing for their network team, the solution provider to look for immediate remedies when they face downtime and slow website. The store owners can tackle these issues well in advance to avoid any hassle. Below are the fast and affordable security measures you can take for Magento online store

  • Be prepared to Compact the Security Attack

Security risks are at an epidemic level. When data breaches and hacking are at highest level, eCommerce site owners need to prepare to compact these attacks. DDoS attacks are the easiest way to disrupt your website. To mitigate these attack the store owners should enable security measures to protect both web servers and domain name services (DNS).

We recently had an incident that one of a reputed online store in U.S faced DDoS attack during Black Friday sale as his shop goes down due to too many unauthorized hits to his website. When we analyzed the website the site was using an old version of magneto and the security patches were not installed. We installed the patches and contacted a third party firewall providers to make sure he gets only authorized traffic to his server. There are different third-party firewalls available to resolve this issue by authorizing the traffic coming to the website.

Make sure that the server operating system is secure. Work with your hosting provider to ensure that there is no unnecessary software running on the server. Use only secure communications protocol (SSH/SFTP/HTTPS) to manage files, and disable FTP.

  • Install Security Patches on Priority

The majority of the eCommerce platforms release patches to eliminate the security vulnerabilities. It’s is important that you should check whether your site is updated with all the latest security patches. There are tools available to test your site and see if it is at risk. For example, if your store is running on Magento, you can run security test with help of your solution provider or there are third party tools available to see your site is secured. The result will determine If your site has been patched or not and the available patches that need to implement in your site. It is not surprising that they implement it immediately by hiring installation service with Magento support or with the help of a service provider.

  • Upgrade your platform to Latest stable Version

Your site will be getting all security features when you upgrade the platform to the latest version. This will fix the vulnerabilities that hackers can use to access the important areas of your store.

  • Always backup your system and database

Make sure you have the latest backup of your store to avoid data loss in the worst scenario. It’s a good practice to avoid any loss if there is any downtime which can be caused due to server failure or data corruption due to any attack. You can restore from the backup to make your site active in this scenario


No eCommerce site is 100 % secure.  The risk of being hacked or to face downtime during the peak hours is devastating. This can help you to quickly identify the area where site owners need immediate attention and can reduce the risk of your Magento site being hacked.

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