On developer view we faced below issues

1. Composer

Its nothing but helpful to import the dependancy libraries.
Please follow below steps if the composter not installed in machine.

2. PHP version update

We were running almost magento stores with Ubunutu 12.04. It was running with PHP 5.3, so we have to do a manual update for upgrade process.

3. MYSQL version upgrade

Here also we faced the same issues of version problem because of 12.04 version ubuntu.


If the above link is not working take below one
Choose your Linux Platforma and download proper package.

Run below command


Set permission –

Do the below changes in configuration file /etc/

update your mysql information schema to the latest version and restart mysql.


Then we gone through the installation steps and installed magento2 successfully.

The major changes from a developer view, we noticed are –

1. Entire admin interface changed , basically look & feel of menu , grip etc..
2. Cannot see the normal paths like app/code/core or app/code/community etc.. Intead of this we can see app/code/Magento/ and same for design folder too.

3. Cannot able to login in admin side with valid login details, no error showing. It seems to be a cookie issue and its working fine when taken in another browser. SO it will work after clear the cookies.

Next step in magento2 – Trying to install a 1.9 package in magento2 or create a custom module for magento2.