Today is the era of e-commerce. Most products and services are purchased online. UI is the user interface which refers to the visual design of the website. UX stands for user experience. Both are different from each other. Sites with good UI and UX leave a better impression and give better and repeat business than sites with poor UI and User experience.

Regardless of how good your products and services are customers won’t stay on your site if the UI and UX are not up to the mark. It is critical to put resources into a decent UI and UX for your e-commerce development project if you need to impress visitors and additionally generate repeat business. If you don’t have the necessary expertise and experience don’t try to do it on your own. Instead, outsource the work to someone reputed to give quality results. The future of your business depends on it.

According to Sagipl website user experience statistics:
● Half of the world’s aggregate population presently have the mobile subscription and extra one billion subscribers are anticipated by 2020.
● 82% of best 100 Alexa websites utilize adaptive design.
● Users typically make an opinion within 0.05 seconds after jumping on your website whether to remain or leave.
● 67% of shoppers showed more interest to buy from a website if it is compatible with mobile devices.

There is not much of the difference between two but still, little differences make them different from each other in many ways. Below mentioned are some of the differences between the both.
● UX centers around the user experience to take care of a problem while UI is focused on how a website performs and looks.
● A user experience designer centers around the reasonable concepts while a user interfaces designer focuses on the substantial components of a website.
● There is basically no difference between the two of them because they are incomparable. These both have different crucial functions.
● A User interface is about the visual design and UX is about the total understanding.
● UI is centered around the product though UX centers around the entire user’s experience.

Importance of UI and UX for a website
Both user interface and user experience are essential for a website design. It is extremely critical for a website to be adequate enough so that visitors can remain there for a long time. Below mentioned are some of the advantages of UI and UX for a website design.

● A decent UI and UX for a website will build the normal time on the site of the visitor.
● A website with imaginative UI and UX can convey a considerable measure of activity to the site.
● Users invest a very less time on a website so it is imperative for a website owner to make great UI and UX.
● You will earn more profit on your investment through a great User interface and user experience.
● With an awesome design, you will ready to inspire an emotional connection with the customers or visitors.
● It kills the flawless communication from the website.

How to enhance UI and UX for a website?
To get attention from more and more clients it is extremely essential to enhance the user interface and user experience of your website. Below are the few ways by which you can enhance the things for your website.

● Ensure that your design is steady throughout the inner pages. Reason being a decent and consistent design makes it simple for people to interact with a website.
● Making a responsive web design is critical these days since people don’t spend a considerable time on a particular website. If your site takes a long time to load then you will miss the advantages of online marketing.
● An intuitive and clear design of a website is the key point in drawing a lot of customers. Clarity in the UI design will enable you to pass on your design effortlessly to the audience.
● Try to create a content centered design as a result of at the end how your content is visible to the people adds value to your website. Design and content are the two noteworthy part of a website that pulls away from the eye of people.

How Ti Technology can help for UI/UX Designing?
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