Progressive Web Apps is the new buzz within the web development community. Coined in 2015 by engineer Alex Russell and designer Frances Berriman, Progressive Web Apps combine the simplest of both mobile and web apps. The popularity of PWAs is for the most part because of addressing the problems persisting in responsive web design and native apps.
Before we tend to move, let’s discuss what’s Progressive Web Apps all about.

What is Progressive Web App?

  • A Progressive Web App is tied in with delivering a native app-like experience to the users by using modern web techniques.
  • The application based on PWA is a mix of both traditional web pages and mobile applications. They are very secure, scalable and responsive. However, it doesn’t just related to responsive web design, maybe it is much more than that.

Features of Progressive Web Apps

  • Progressive – Irrespective of the browser, the application works for various users as it’s built with progressive enhancement.
  • Responsive – Seamless performance crosswise over devices be it mobile, tablet, desktop, or what’s next.
  • Connectivity Independent – Performs offline and additionally on low-quality networks with enhanced service workers.
  • App-like – Provides app-like features isolating the functionality from application content.
  • Fresh – Always updated because of the service worker update process.
  • Safe – HTTPS to guarantee safety best practices.
  • Installable – Allows users to include applications they find most useful to their home screen without the problem of an app store.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

1.   Seamless Access for the Users
○ Progressive Web App is going to be trending within the mobile experience. Not at all like a native mobile app, PWA doesn’t require any download or installation.
2.   User Engagement is Higher
○ You may have to stumble upon several websites showing you a dialog box with Allow and Deny button to click. If you click allow button, then you will get the updates from the website when you are not available or away. A similar thing was introduced by Google Chrome app, that reads, “Add to Home Screen”. The most advantage is that with one click, you can add the website to the homepage. Moreover, in PWA, the link-adding feature will permit the app to be cached and you’ll be given the application access straightforwardly from the home screen.
AliExpress observes 104% increase in conversion rates and users now visit twice the same number of pages per session, and time spent per session increased a normal of 74% across all browsers.
3. Fine-tuning Made Easier
○ The advantage of building up a Progressive Web App rather than a native app is that you don’t have to contact the app store to make changes. Unlike in a native app, you need to inform app store about the modifications and updates to fix the bugs and errors. This may take a week or longer to send the updates and adjustments. While, in PWAs you can fix the errors and bugs on the go and don’t have to waste time writing two separate codes for Android and Apple devices.
4. Cost Effective & Efficient
○ PWA apps can be downloaded specifically to the mobile device as an app icon, and it utilizes less space compared with the native apps. One of the greatest advantages isn’t requiring extra space on the mobile device that enhances the performance of smartphones. By choosing a PWA compared to a native version of the equivalent app, users consume fewer data. However, users don’t have to sacrifice the high-performance and speed of a native app. PWAs are on-demand and constantly accessible, without taking up a smartphone’s valuable data or memory.
5. Native App Flexibility
○ Accessing PWA in your browser permits you a comparable experience as that of a native app. The shell of Progressive Web App imitates like an application and recreates any gesture you may experience in native application. It can likewise deal with loyalty programs, online ordering, and customer information.
○ Web users can be requested to save your PWA to their home screen as a shortcut or bookmark, enabling them to instantly access at whatever point they need.


Progressive Web Apps are the new future of technology for the web. It is customized for the mobile web and it is the tool you require for your e-commerce business to earn profits by attracting customers. PWAs are reachable, and they empower conversion rates and decrease your product costs. Besides, PWA might be in their earliest stages, yet they are crucial for the upcoming business website boom.

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