Just like any other in the technological industry, the mobile application development field is changing and progressing at a rapid pace. Building up an app for the services that you offer has become an essential part of running a business, small or big. Moreover, if you create one such application by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), it can just boost your chances of enhancing your business.

IoT, since its arrival changed the worldview of technology entirely. Indeed, Even our day to day routine activities have changed since the arrival of IoT, from how we drive, to how we make use of energy in our homes, to how we make purchases.

The entire idea of using the IoT is meant to make our lives easier, by integrating it into everything that we do. And what is one thing that we do almost all the time? That’s right, we have reached a point in today’s society when we use smartphones for the majority of daily activities that we conduct. Here is a quick look at how the IoT impacts the mobile app development:

1.   Innovative Ideas

  • It all starts with the right idea. That’s how the people who created Uber started. Sure, there were already some apps out there that helped you get a taxi and estimated arrival time for your ride. But when you take one such app and mix it with the IoT, you get something like Uber; an app that shows you where the nearest driver is, how much money you’re going to pay for the ride and much more information, by gathering data from all the devices connected to your app through the IoT.
  • The IoT is nowadays an essential part of the whole process of starting a business and developing an app for it. Most big companies at the moment would have never really made it without the IoT, and an increasing number of them even specialize in its development.

2.   The Mobile Network

  • As per the recent studies, the average American adult spends very nearly 3 hours per day utilizing the smartphone. Given the fact that every moment people spend on their phones are through an app, the demand for this kind of software is always increasing. And thanks to the Internet of Things, mobile app development is progressing every day and the results never fail to impress.
  • But how does the IoT affect this industry? Well, first of all, the IoT makes it much easier to connect mobile phones to one another. And that’s not the only network it helps creating, but there’s also the network of people that consists of great developers who want to collaborate with each other and come up with new projects together.

3.   Specialization in IoT App Development

  • The technology of IoT requires a totally new and unified specialization. By the rate at which IoT is moving forward, each business would need to invest into creating IoT specialized apps & would not shy away from employing experts in this field.
  • This isn’t simply to stay ahead of their competition, yet additionally to be constantly available by the users.

Industries That Are Benefiting From IoT App Development

Each application belongs to a particular category for which it gets created. For example, an application that can monitor the number of steps you are walking in a day would be a piece of the health sector.

Similarly, an application that gives you a chance to shop online, would be a piece of the category of the retail sector. Now, app developers are attempting to make utilization of IoT solutions in each area. That is increasing the efficiency in these sectors.

The industries that have profited the most because of apps that support IoT are :

  • Healthcare
    • A considerable measure of changes has occurred in the healthcare industry since it has been exposed to the world of IoT. Over time, people have begun to become more aware and conscious of their health and the usage of IoT in healthcare apps has made keeping track of their health easier.
    • The primary usage of IoT by the IoT companies has been towards giving users monitor their health.
    • It engages all the aspects, from personal healthcare to facilities in healthcare buildings, to smart pills and smart beds.
    • Users can track their daily routine which involves the no. of steps they walked or what their eating routine is. And healthcare organizations can keep up the data of the patients in these apps.
  • Energy
    • On a normal, a user spends around 2 hours on the applications on his mobile phone, and with the technology of IoT, developers are generating significantly higher customer engagement in their applications.
    • By utilizing apps that support IoT, a user can actually deal with the lights in his house by sitting someplace far away.
  • Retail
    • The platform of the Internet Of Things gives a considerable measure of opportunities in the areas of logistics and transportation, the two of which are a vital part of the retail industry.
    • They have taken a stab at implanting the technologies like accurate location tracking so that the customers can track their orders right from the time of shipping to delivery in the app.


With all the aspects considered, it is extremely obvious that IoT is as of now, the greatest revolution in the technology industry! The arrival of IoT happened at the most exact time. When the users were searching for some technology to expand their convenience. The engagement and acceptance of Internet of Things in mobile apps have seen a rise, and in general, the technology of IoT isn’t just benefiting the users yet is at the same time benefiting the businesses and application developers as well.

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