Chatbots are an interesting topic. With the rapid and comprehensive development of technology, such a tool has turned into an irreplaceable aspect of gaining business success. More and more software enthusiasts are thinking about how to create a chatbot. To take into increasing demands, software development companies have implemented different solutions and enhance the technologies used keeping in mind to create a chatbot that can do anything from answering basic inquiries to leading a virtual tour.

Some even trust that a chatbot is more important for business success than a conventional application. Users get used to websites and apps. Actually, a conversation with a chatbot gives a real experience: the most exceptional bots behave like a genuine technical support representative. This is interesting and strange, so it draws attention to the chatbot and also to the whole business it represents.

So we chose to bring you this article to extend your knowledge about chatbots, advise you about the ways to build one. Let’s review the alternatives from the simplest to the most complicated.

What needs to be taken care?

There are a few things you have to consider before you choose how to build up a chatbot. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Target Audience
○ You should have a complete picture of who as of now uses your services and visits your website. Analyze the statistics and diagrams to understand who the chatbot should mostly be conversing with.
2. Functionality Required
○ Define what you really need your chatbot to do. This point is pivotal: the time and cost of the development rely upon this a lot.
3. Estimated Budget
○ With a complete or at least partial understanding of your present goal in chatbot development, it is possible to evaluate the project budget to ensure your business is prepared for some spending. We encourage to turn to a development company for the most precise estimation.
4. Implementation Process
○ There are a lot of approaches to bring a chatbot to its digital life. We will furnish you with a review of each way to accomplish your goal below.

Ways to Create a Chatbot for Your Business

Generally, there are 3 different ways to get a chatbot.

1. You Can Simply Buy It
○ There are lots and loads of ready-made solutions that meet different business needs and are powered with incredible functionality. There are even whole marketplaces where you can discover bots available to be purchased such as Kik Bot and Telegram Stores. Additionally, there is an immense Botlist catalog where the vast majority of the ready-made bots are listed.

○ This decision is quite advantageous. You simply take a look at the number of websites, discover the solutions you need and pick the one that suits you best, meantime, this has hidden disadvantages. First of all, it is somewhat hard to find a chatbot that meets your requirements completely. Moreover, you can’t customize the ready-made solution you are paying for. The purchase of a bot may possibly prompt time and financial losses alongside limited opportunities.

2. You Can Create It on a Special Platform
○ There is a variety of platforms for making an excellent chatbot. Some of them require some technical background. The others require just time and enthusiasm. We will draw your attention to the types of platforms.

○ These tools make the development process nice and straightforward. Below, you can take a look at some of the platforms:

○ Chatfuel
i. A chatbot based on Chatfuel permits adding new content, collecting the information and sharing updates. The bots work on Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

○ Botsify
i. Here, a drag and drop feature works so easily that the process becomes significantly to a greater degree a delight. Simple integration with third-party services is another feature of the platform.

○ MobileMonkey
i. This platform with an entertaining name can exhibit great performance. Marketers are its principal target.

i. You can incorporate your brand-new bot with Facebook Messenger, SMS services, or Slack. Bots for mailing are additionally available on this platform.

○ Pandorabots
○ This is another famous and huge platform. Its bots can perform technical support, advertising or marketing tasks and in addition to numerous others. They can run on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. Observe that this platform is more complicated than the previous ones and requires some technical knowledge.

The list can be continued as there are numerous different platforms you can use to get the solution you require with little or no programming.

3. You Can Develop a Chatbot from Scratch
○ In case you have relatively lost your confidence in creating a chatbot that would meet the majority of your business needs, we have something for you. Remember that you can simply discover how to build a chatbot from scratch and get an incredible tailor-made solution.


Now, we will complete our bird’s-eye overview. As one should be obvious, with regards to making the chatbot, there is a range of options from the budget-friendly and simplest to the most sophisticated and costly. Let us know whether you have a choice to make and we will easily lead you through the process.