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Well, I finally decided to get into smart-phone and explore the world of droid. I’m going insane with all the amazing things you can do, but yet overly frustrated trying to find ways to work around my glitches with working on a robotic device.When I have a turning point in my career as an Android developer,I used to stream with the Emulator (a virtual mobile device ) since I can test my Android applications,but I didn’t feel any magical touch in it .

As soon our team lead purchased  Droid devices for me and co-workers It was super cool and a speech less moment while having a smart-phone.I gone with it, and felt that I’m in the world of fantasy

Recent work conversations about mobile made me take a look at my pattern of usage with the Droid, and I came to realize that aside from using the Droid  and taking a couple of 8Mpx snaps that essentially, I’ve been using the Droid the exact same way I had used my old flip phone

When it comes to the basic features smart-phones most phones have the same core functionality. This would be the ability to act as a communication device, a multimedia device, and a mini application operating platform. It become a core piece of technology in the modern world, indeed, it is almost impossible or one to go through their day without using, or encountering a person who is using a smart phone.
Droid help me to  improved my creativity and give the world in my hand .