Enterprises regardless of their size outsource their technological requirements and anticipate that their technology partners will upgrade business processes and boost revenue. In the global marketplace, it has become a known practice to use technology in order to achieve the competitive advantage. But the real challenge comes while choosing the right IT partner for your business.

Sooner or later, we’ve to agree that software outsourcing is value effective and it’ll quicken the time-to-market. Be that as it may, looking at these benefits few business owners lose out in selecting the right outsourcing partner. Often they choose an IT solution provider who offers a very standard set of services with very less knowledge about the customer’s business and product goals. With each passing year, we have seen an outstanding increase in IT outsourcing specialist and every one has their distinctive plans and offerings once it involves project management.

But how does one find “the right offshore partner?” There are a number of details and potential pitfalls, each of which can make or break the relationship, and by extension, your product. The right offshore software development partner should be the one who thinks long-term and has the capacity to cope with the challenge of scalability. They have to make sure to be able to provide a resource of talents on demand and a financial stability for a future growth.

So without further ado, here are our top six strategies for empowering an offshore software outsourcing partner:

  1. Vision
    • The right partner will share your vision for streamlining processes and improving productivity. They know that their success comes from your success, not just from billable hours. If you want to achieve your objectives, your partners will need to be onboard with your strategic product development plan, willing to work closely with your team to ensure that you are on the same page about both product vision and roadmap.
  2. Communication
    • It’s especially important when you go offshore outsourcing, working with someone across the ocean can be intimidating. With the time zone difference, it is very crucial to set up an appropriate working process and take advantage of collaboration technologies, including an agile daily team meeting, video calls, conference calls, or internal communication portals. It should be instant communication and make sure you built a culture that makes the offshore team an integral part of your team, this does not exclude face-to-face meeting.
  1. Transparency
    • This one is hard to spot, but it’s imperative to the health of any business relationship. Transparency helps to ensure from the beginning of a project that no unpleasant surprises come up with regard to information requirements, mechanisms, and priorities. A recent Deloitte report, on outsourcing transparency evolution, states that being proactive in your approach actually enables software vendors to provide better information and more efficiency. Transparency not only assists in risk management but with it comes the greater opportunity for customers to involve outsourcing partners in a deeper level of strategic planning, allowing you to more fully leverage their capabilities.
  2. Cost-effectiveness
    • Compare rates for offshore web development services of all the businesses on your list. Will the most valuable suggested the cost of making your project offshore be still cheaper than fulfilling it together with your own company efforts?
  3. Technology Expertise
    • You should feel comfortable asking a potential offshore development partner specific questions. For example, technology capabilities, about its manpower, and expertise. Do they depend on cloud-based or server-based platforms in their work? Which cutting-edge technologies are being utilized by a particular offshore development company? What are their strengths and weakness in technology? Find out every single detail that is of interest to you. If an offshore development company has experience in varied technologies then you’re lucky!
  4. Time Zone
    • It is great to know that when you are sleeping the work is still being done, right? Therefore the difference in time between you and your offshore development company may be a cool advantage. If you want to be in constant communication together with your offshore development team you will partner with many firms in various time zones.


Outsourcing is the most ideal approach to help productivity and let experts deal with your business with sheer effectiveness. If you decide on the correct partner for your technology needs, you can guarantee that the choice produces real and measurable outcomes.

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Jerin is the Senior Business Development Executive at ti Technologies having 6+ years of experience in sales and business development. He takes care of potential client relationships and strategic partnerships. He also handles digital marketing activities that drive more users to ti Technologies website.