The website is developed for users/students which help them to build/create a CV with the guidance, steps/process that is developed in the front-end.

Features Implemented

CV builder creation, download as PDF and print feature.

Wall post builder creation.

Personal Statement builder creation, download as PDF and print feature.

Report and graph generation in admin side.

Technology Used

Laravel5.2, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Elastic search, Blade

Client:Company Inc.

Date:28 April, 2017


Type:Web Application

The users/students would be able to register with a valid email id or connecting using Facebook/LinkedIn/Google Account, receive a confirmation email, create profile by uploading image, bio information, contact information, work history, educational details, qualification, add references with name of organization, email address, etc. Finally, students can download the CV created in PDF, Print, and share through social media.
Users/Students would be able to view My Wall section where users/students can view & post walls by adding a title, description, video's, images and share with social media.
Admin/backend would be able to manage users/students, Walls, CV.