Choosing the “right” eCommerce development company can be an exceptionally overwhelming procedure. The main issue lies in the meaning of the task itself: Choosing a new eCommerce solution. The truth is there are probably going to be various eCommerce systems that are more than equipped for meeting your requirements. So, how then do you choose a partner? What’s the typical process you need to go through to make this understandably anxious decision?

Here we’ve highlighted the top 5 tips to help you make the right choice when looking for an eCommerce partner.

  • Do they have to be local?
    • Your ecommerce development partner does not really need to be directed down the road. You can choose an online partner from anywhere in the world. The important consideration is not proximity, but ability. If you ask to see a portfolio of their work, they can just as easily email it to you as give you a face to face pitch. So you can pick an ecommerce solutions provider from any one of the thousands of experts advertising their services online. But before you outsource your requirements to someone across the globe, do consider the response times involved in negotiating the right deal.
    • Ecommerce solutions in some cases require a quick turnaround on development, agreement on strategies and even improving content before it goes ‘live’. An ecommerce expert on the other side of the world may also not understand the demographic you’re aiming at or cultural differences in sales techniques, effective regional marketing or other subtleties.
  • Your eCommerce partner ethics are same as yours?
    • Business has become much more ethical since the ‘Greed is good’ culture of the 1980s. Does your ecommerce solutions expert have the same business ethics as you? Do you speak the same language and does he or she understand what you want to achieve from an ecommerce website? Branching out into ecommerce isn’t just a matter of taking a shopping cart onto the end of a website. It involves complex data mining of your intended demographic, developing and if necessary changing an existing marketing strategy and ensuring that your ecommerce solutions fit in with the rest of your business plan.
  • What is their track record?
    • The best eCommerce company should have a proven track record of successful partnerships, particularly with businesses that are similar to your own. If they have already worked for companies in your field, then you can be sure that they understand that particular marketplace in detail and are familiar with techniques and tactics that could be beneficial to your business. You are not just looking at page layouts, but how the ‘business end’ of your website interacts with the rest of the site.
  • Referrals and Reviews
    • We should envision that the company has preliminary picked you and has all the required technology experience and expertise. Now you should make sure they are actually nice to work with. The easiest way to do that is to explore what previous customers have to say about the vendor. Swing to particular independent platforms like Clutch to discover legitimate references from genuine customers. In addition, you can interface with them by means of professional social networks or discussions, for example, Linkedin, and get some information about the service provider specifically.
  • Communication Transparency
    • Communication is one of the main concerns for the businesses that deal with outsourcing for the first time. The vendor’s capacity to help consistent and straightforward communication all through the project lifecycle is essential to guarantee successful project delivery. Time zone differences and language barriers are the two key factors to consider here.
    • When you hire a vendor working abroad, communication gaps are unavoidable since there can be up to 12 long periods of distinction amongst you and the team. Thus, it is important for your partner to handle this issue effectively.
  • Flexibility and Ability to Scale
    • Is the service provider able to scale resources to meet my project scope? That is the issue with numerous ecommerce entrepreneurs overlooks while picking a development partner for another project. An eCommerce service provider ought to be sufficiently adaptable to increase (or decrease) the team size as per the project needs. If the engagement model is strictly fixed, the number of resources involved will remain the same throughout the entire project. Should you need extra developers to carry out some tasks or, on the contrary, eliminate one or two of the team members, you won’t be able to do that under such conditions. This will definitely lead to ineffective resource management and so additional costs. The Agile development framework supplemented by Time and Material estimating model would be the best alternative to begin your new cooperation from.

Choosing the right ecommerce solutions partner isn’t always easy, but once you have established a good working relationship with an effective and professional agency, your online business can flourish and you can keep your business moving forward in what is a highly competitive marketplace.

The development service provider you choose can make it or break it when it comes to launching a new ecommerce project. We hope that our checklist will help you make the right choice for your store. Reach out to us today to get the best ecommerce development services for your store.

Jerin is the Senior Business Development Executive at ti Technologies having 6+ years of experience in sales and business development. He takes care of potential client relationships and strategic partnerships. He also handles digital marketing activities that drive more users to ti Technologies website.