This is the second LTS (long term support) release of TYPO3 CMS.The new release focuses on stability and modernization.

Here we are listing some major changes from 4.5 –

*  Fluid based template.

*  The File Abstraction Layer (FAL) was introduced with TYPO3 6.0 for managing media files regardless of where they are stored in locally or in the cloud.
Each time when the selected, it’s data comes along with file, so the editors can keep track of images and update them from a single location.

*  This version supports rendering responsive image in the front-end.

*  It provides a complete custom rendering mode user will get a full control on rendering.

*  Now the back-end is more smooth and less distracted.

*  In this version the back-end layout can also be stored in files.

*  New improvements are added to make the template more flexible.

*  File Abstraction Layer with typo script improved a lot so File metadata are accessible through registers in file links, FILES cObject also improved.

*  For session date now it only sets a front-end user cookie so it optimizes the reverse proxies and minimizes traffic.

*  new feature Clear all caches, Check for broken Extensions, Core Updater are added in install tool.

*  Caching Groups: cache menu modified and now it has only two options.”Flush general caches” which removes front-end caches and extension specific caches. “Flush front-end caches”, which clears all page related caches.

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