For a newbie, it is quite easy to assume, that testing is executing various sections of code and verifying the results. But in real world, testing is a very formal activity. The degree of formality depends on the type of application under test and standards followed by the organization & maturity of development process.

What I am trying to do here is, to give you a brief on what all sections need a look over, while running a test through an ecommerce or a woo-commerce website.

Though they look simple, ecommerce/woo-commerce sites can get very complicated.  Below is a kick start, at testing an ecommerce/woo-commerce site before the final launch.


As an initial step, we should run through the main functionality of an ecommerce/woo-commerce website that needs to be tested. The website to test may not have all the items, or may have some, not included here.

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Eight Software Testing Buzzwords You Should Know

The industry’s jargon can be hard to decipher at times, especially when trying to explain these buzzwords to co-workers

The industry’s jargon can be hard to decipher at times, especially when trying to explain these buzzwords to fellow co-workers within your organization who don’t really have a clue what you are talking about. Buzzwords are unavoidable, however there needs to be a clear understanding of what a buzzword is and the testing buzzwords you should know.What Is a Buzzword?
A buzzword can be defined as, “a term of art or technical jargon that has begun to have wider use in society among non-specialists who use the term vaguely or imprecisely.”Basically, it comes down to the word being so overused it loses its original meaning and begins to confuse people within the industry. Think of the words like “visibility” or “enterprise” you have probably heard over and over again but each person has a different meaning for the word.Top Eight Testing Buzzwords1. Crowdsourced testing
Crowdsourced testing is becoming a popular word to throw around, especially since the rise of crowdsourced funding (not related to testing). Crowdsourced testing is when a person with a website asks fellow testers to “attack” the server to see how much load the site can take and to try to run through many user paths. You can probably find a Redditor asking his fellow friends to join him for a “load testing party.” Like this guy…

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