In this article we are discussing about Magento2 inventory management. There are two type of inventory options available depends upon your stock management requirements.
Each product in your catalog has both a short and long version of inventory options, depending on whether you want to manage stock for the product or not.

  • Manage inventory without Stock Management
  • Manage inventory with Stock Management

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The need of helpers

For developing a Magento website, we often need some functions to be called all over the website. For that purpose we create helper class and helper functions inside the helper class.

What are helpers

As the name suggests, a “helper” is something that is done to help! It is an object that contains functions that are going to be practical and you can call from anywhere. Helpers are classes that provide functionalities for various features throughout the Magento website. We can use them in controllers, views, models and even in other helpers. Helpers are just collections of unrelated methods and are always instantiated as a singletons. Also Magento requires a helper for each module for translation reasons. You can just create a helper called Data.php in each module and leave it empty.

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As a developer you got a Magento 2 project, integrate theme, complete all customization, tested all sales functionality. Your project is now ready for production.
When you enter into backend catalog product grid, you will see all your test products. You can delete one-by-one or multiple at a time, right?
When you enter into backend sales order grid, unfortunately you won’t find any option to delete order! You know those should be deleted. But how?
You can either set their status as “Cancelled” or “Hold” but you can’t delete those test orders from your store.
Here is the post that help you to clear Magento 2 test data such as:

  • Clearing all products
  • Clearing all categories
  • Clearing all customers
  • Clearing all wishlists
  • Clearing all reviews
  • Clearing all search results
  • Clearing all orders and related data
  • Reset all increment Ids

In order to delete those test data, you have to log in to your PhpmyAdmin using root access and run few queries to get rid of those test orders.
NOTE: PLEASE take a backup before performing any database operations.

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On developer view we faced below issues

1. Composer

Its nothing but helpful to import the dependancy libraries.
Please follow below steps if the composter not installed in machine.

2. PHP version update

We were running almost magento stores with Ubunutu 12.04. It was running with PHP 5.3, so we have to do a manual update for upgrade process.

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“Website is going live !” Happiest moment for a developer, but easiest moment to forget certain things! As a developer, I have created a pre-launch checklist for my Magneto-2 projects. I believe this checklist will be helpful to you for moving Magento-2 store from development to production. This checklist is based on Magento Ver.2.1.1. Enjoy coding !!!!

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eCommerce is rapidly increasing in every parts of the world. Selecting the most suitable ecommerce platform is key factor that decide the success of your business. Being a business owner, who is planning to create an online store or migrate the existing store, you might be considering different options. Since magento 2 is released there is a rapid growth in the number of Magento stores. As an eCommerce merchant who already have a store built in Magento 1, there is rise of migrating their existing store to the new Magento 2 Platform or to create new store in this Platform.  So there will be a question arise in store owners mind, whether should I continue in my existing platform or should I move to Magento 2

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