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Magento is one of the most popular and viable multi-vendor marketplaces utilized for selling goods and items to potential clients effortlessly. Building up the Magento multi-vendor marketplace is definitely not a daunting task, because the most recent Magento 2 Extensions make the procedure significantly less complex. The specially designed and awesome scripts assist you to begin your journey effectively into the globe of e-commerce. By utilizing some of the amazing extensions, you can build up a professional and eye-catching multi-vendor marketplace in a less demanding way.

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Chatbots are an interesting topic. With the rapid and comprehensive development of technology, such a tool has turned into an irreplaceable aspect of gaining business success. More and more software enthusiasts are thinking about how to create a chatbot. To take into increasing demands, software development companies have implemented different solutions and enhance the technologies used keeping in mind to create a chatbot that can do anything from answering basic inquiries to leading a virtual tour.

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Tech stack is the mix of programming tools, languages, and frameworks that the developers use to make mobile and web applications. There are two primary components to any application, known as front end and back end.

Are you a founder, CTO, CEO, consultant or another stakeholder who needs to choose how to build a software product? Would it be good for you to use Java or Python as a language? What is the best front-end option: React, Angular, or Vue JS? Shouldn’t something be said about the database — MySQL, MongoDB or Postgres? Would it be a good idea for you to self-host with Nginx or Apache on DigitalOcean, or simply go with Amazon AWS?

What’s more, If you have a million questions and don’t know where to begin, this article can assist you in making your decision.

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React.js was created by Facebook to address its requirement for a dynamic and high performing User Interface(UI). In 2011, Jordan Walke and his team from Facebook released the React JS library, a JavaScript library which brought together the speed of JavaScript and another method of rendering pages, prompting a responsive and dynamic user input. In 2015, two years after the team publicly released React.js and its popularity grew, they released React Native.

The following is an overview of the business advantages of working with both React.js and React Native. It should give you a reasonable thought of their respective strengths and what makes them unique.

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Google is trying to develop a new app called Triangle to control data usage. The concept is not new as there are apps available in the playstore with this features. This is not the first attempt of Google offering data control for mobile consumers. The company has introduced built in data saver controls on select devices, like the data save feature in its Pixel phone.

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Account Kit

Account Kit lets people quickly register for and login to your app by using just their phone number or email address — no password needed. It’s reliable, easy to use and gives you a choice about how you sign up for apps.

To set up Account Kit in your Android app, if you don’t have a Facebook developer account create a Developer Account. Then Account Kit for Android requires a Facebook app ID. Follow the steps. Choose whether to allow email and SMS login, and choose security settings for your app.

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  • Socket.IO enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication.
  • It works on every platform, browser or device, focusing equally on reliability and speed.

Real-time analytics

Push data to clients that gets represented as real-time counters, charts or logs.

Binary streaming

Starting in 1.0, it’s possible to send any blob back and forth: image, audio, video.

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