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Big Data and Ai in E-commerce

Shopping experience online is becoming more and more easy with personalized options and recent trends as adopted by market leaders like Amazon. This helps for small and medium scale business to gain more customers and for rapid growth in conversions with search engine visibility. E-commerce allows customers from the different locations across the globe to order the products, and it can be challenging for eCommerce to sell the right item to the right customer.

So how can we do this? It’s all done by personalisation. Bingo!!! Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role for personalizing the eCommerce platform.

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Patch is a description of differences between the old and the new versions of the same file, introduced in a special format, which lets the patch utility to run the new version of the file based on the old version and the patch file. Normally, these are the text files with the .patch extension, and they look like this:

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Your e-shop is your income. All eCommerce sites are attractive targets for hackers because of the personal and payment information that is required to complete a sale. Even if the system does not directly process credit card transactions, a compromised site might reroute customers to a false page, or alter an order before it is transmitted to the payment processor.
A compromised site can have long-term consequences for both customers and merchants. Customers might suffer financial loss and identify theft, while merchants can face damage to their reputations, loss of merchandise, higher processing fees, revoked privileges with financial institutions, and the threat of lawsuits.

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Put it this way you either love it use it and cant live without it everyday and it just gets better everyday. Disagree you are still on your droids and BB’s, come explore what design and visualization is all about. This is the thing of the future.


The jury may still be out on iOS 7’s radical redesign – for what it’s worth we love it, with a few reservations – there’s no denying that it’s the friendliest and most powerful version of iOS yet.
But there’s more to iOS 7 than headline features such as Control Center and iTunes Radio: some of the best improvements are small things that make our everyday lives that little bit more pleasant.iOS7

These are our favorites – let us know yours in the comments, and check out our iOS 7 !

1. Camera: shoot in burst mode

The redesigned Camera app has a nifty trick up its sleeve: if you want to shoot in burst mode, taking multiple shots in quick succession, just click and hold the volume-up button.

2. Multitasking: quit multiple apps

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Microsoft. For a generation of technology executives, the name strikes fear into even the most iron-willed business leaders. A lion among gazelles, its very gaze into a market could cause investors and analysts to flee in terror. Yet, its name has become a punchline among today’s technorati, a joke about formerly dominant companies evolving into large, plodding kludges. Missed deadlines, delayed products, and canceled features are only some of the ways the company has disappointed both consumer and enterprise users.


The rest of the tech world has not moved slowly. Within just a handful of months of each other in 2006-2008, Apple introduced the iPhone, Amazon introduced AWS, Google introduced Android, and Facebook introduced News Feed. Together, these companies quickly became the quadrumvirate of tech, to the point that MG Siegler wrote last year that: “any rational thinker (meaning those outside of Redmond or anyone who hasn’t made a career as a .Net developer) knows that Microsoft simply no longer belongs” on the list of top tech companies.
Microsoft, though, has always had the critical ingredients for success. We expect our data to be portable, usable across all of our devices and apps. We want to be continuously productive and entertained depending on our mood, and we want services that work at the speed of our decentralized, mobile world. From Office to Xbox, Microsoft has had all the individual products and services it needed to fulfill our wildest tech imaginations. Yet it always seemed that inefficiency and politics prevented the company from becoming the key brand in technology.

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